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Xbox 360 - Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
Xbox 360 - Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
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You've tried fitness tape after fitness tape, gone to classes, looked up exercises online and even bought the latest equipment from TV ads. The weight didn't come off, you overworked yourself, you lost motivation. Something is missing in these fitness methods. You. Machines and tapes don't know your body. They don't know your goals. Unless you found a personal trainer, exercise was never about you. Until now.

You bend into a warrior pose in yoga, and are instructed that your right hand is a little too high. You lower it. You start a cardio routine and voice that you feel overwhelmed - the routine adjusts. Welcome to Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. This time, when you exercise your body, your body is in control, and your voice is heard. Revolutionary body-tracking technology puts your body on-screen and in charge of your entire workout, creating an intuitive, fully customized experience. An arsenal of fitness expertise and advice is at your disposal as you progress toward your own goals, with fitness routines developed by celebrity trainers, classes ranging from yoga to martial arts and family-friendly mini games that get everyone moving. Monitor your progress every second, and watch the calories evaporate as your points go up and your screen celebrates with confetti. You are already in possession of the most powerful fitness tool - your own body. Now, maximize your potential and evolve the way you do fitness.


  • Exercise along with fitness-forward games and regimens that are controlled by your body's movements
  • Create and control a highly customized workout intuitively with your body and your voice, using Ubisoft's body-tracking Player Projection technology
  • Choose a personal trainer to help you meet your specific fitness goals, and get easy-to-follow instructions and precise feedback on your every body part as you work out
  • Take classes in Yoga, Martial Arts, Tai Chi and more, or get the whole family moving together in fun mini games featuring dancing, target practice and other exercises that are designed for everyone
  • Challenge yourself with regimens from fitness experts like celebrity trainer Michael George and Australia's The Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges
  • Keep an eye on your stats and progress as the calories burn away and scores climb up, and then share your progress and goals with friends and family online
  • Change up your routine all the time with more than a hundred exercises to choose from - in-game plus regular downloadable content ensure you'll have new and thrilling workouts
  • Achieve fitness goals to earn exciting, interactive rewards like paint, water and confetti special effects and more
  • Requires Kinect sensor (not included)