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Xbox 360 - Adrenalin Misfits
Xbox 360 - Adrenalin Misfits
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You're tearing through the hot desert, sun beaming on your shoulders, heat waves glimmering in the air. Forget walking, camels or even cars - you are in a time and world of futuristic power and speed. Your preferred method of transport: an ultra-fast, ultra-able board. You move your head, feet and body with skillful precision, and your board glides and slides with you. You may be gliding, but you do need to stay on your toes: monstrous creatures are waiting to destroy you at every turn. Do you have what it takes to ride this Adrenalin rush to the top?

Sail into the perilous environments of seven new worlds atop a snowboard-inspired board run by the ultimate controller - your body. Powered by the intuitive motion-tracking technology of the Kinect sensor, the action of Adrenalin Misfits mirrors the movements you make and even the sounds of the people around you. Turn your feet, and your board will maneuver to match. Get your family to cheer and yell for you in a boss battle, and you'll experience an influx of power. You'll need all the help you can get when it comes to the speed and time challenges, mini games and combats that are ahead of you, whether against monsters or a friend. Earn advantages as you win, and unlock 60 all-new boards that open up your potential. This isn't just a race - it's the battle of a lifetime.


  • Race, battle and shoot it out in full-body, snowboarding-inspired action that is controlled by your body's every motion
  • Glide through seven richly imagined and perilously intense fantasy worlds, including snowy mountain, stormy desert, glacier lands, limestone caves, volcanoes and more
  • Compete to overthrow unique bosses from different worlds in time challenges, fly distance competitions, balloon buster and stadium mini games, terrain parks, half pipes and more
  • Unlock up to 60 new, ability-loaded boards every time you destroy a boss
  • Perform impressive tricks, slide and glide with skill by moving your head, feet and body
  • Sound controls mean that the more your friends and family cheer for you, the faster your rider will go
  • Turn things upside-down with the option to become one of the seven monsters you defeat
  • Pick up speed boosts, special attack powers and shooting abilities along the way to up your advantage
  • Track rankings, time and scores with fellow gamers around the world in live leaderboards
  • Battle a friend in two-player competitions
  • For 1 to 2 players
  • Requires Kinect sensor (not included)