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Nintendo Wii - Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
Nintendo Wii - Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
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An agile, web-spinning hero swings nimbly through the canyonesque streets of Manhattan. But the formerly gleaming city is no longer what it was. A deadly symbiote invasion has descended, and the city lies strewn with enormous, hanging symbiote hives and infected symbiotes. Only Spider-Man can save the city from certain doom - but he has his own shadows to confront. As he battles against the ominous alien invasion, will he choose the grace and speed of Spidey's traditional Red Suit and align himself with other great heroes? Or will he heed the siren's call of the Black Suit and all the sinister power it provides, thus choosing the path of the vigilante instead?

In Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, you'll encounter a city and a hero with greater depth than ever before in a Spider-Man game. Scale buildings that climb into the sky and engage in ferocious vertical battles on city walls. Destroy storefronts and vehicles as you use anything and everything in your vicinity as a weapon. Switch between the Black Suit and the Red Suit to take advantage of each suit's specific powers, and earn experience points you can use to upgrade either suit, thus enhancing the abilities you find most advantageous. Join forces with legendary Marvel heroes and villains to combat the alien menace, but beware - the game's morality meter tracks the public's reaction to your decisions. Do you prefer a citizenry that embraces you as a hero, or one that cowers in fear before your terrible power? In Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, the decision is yours to make.


  • Help Spider-Man repel a deadly symbiote invasion that threatens to annihilate Manhattan
  • Experience a world where every decision you make ultimately affects Spider-Man's destiny, as well as the outcome of the symbiote invasion and the very future of New York itself
  • Team up with some of Marvel's greatest heroes and villains, including Luke Cage, Vulture, Black Cat, Wolverine and Electro, but remember that heroic and vigilante paths lead Spider-Man to different destinies
  • Switch back and forth between Spider-Man's Red Suit and Black Suit, and use experience earned in multiple combat disciplines to upgrade the suit
  • Execute new attacks and combos that take advantage of Spider-Man's speed and strength, even scaling the walls of Manhattan's buildings for incredible vertical combat
  • Explore a Manhattan transformed by the spread of dangling symbiote hives and infected symbiotes, all rendered with dazzling visuals
  • Use the motion-control capabilities of your Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller to help Spidey swing and fight as he makes his way across the city