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Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Starter Kit #1 (Balance Board + Game + Mat + Sleeve)
Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Starter Kit #1 (Balance Board + Game + Mat + Sleeve)
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Wii Fit Plus Starter Kit
Turn your living room into a fitness gym for your whole family with the Wii Fit Plus! Now you can get fit with over 40 activities and exercises, including strength training, aerobics, yoga and balance games. Challenge your family and friends to get in shape. Create your own personal profile and set goals, test your balance, track your progress with daily workouts and unlock new exercises and activities.

The Wii Fit Starter Kit includes Wii Fit Balance Board, Wii Fit Plus game software, Wii Fit Balance Board Mat and Wii Balance Board Protective Sleeve.

Wii Fit Plus
Building on the revolutionary Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board offers a variety of fun ways to start you down the path to a happier, healthier you. This exciting new fitness experience lets you shape your workout to your specifications with a multitude of customized routines, including the option to create your own personalized workout. With an array of new activities to choose from, Wii Fit Plus gives you even more choices for establishing an effective workout that will help you look and feel good.

Wii Fit Plus lets you craft a routine suited to your personal fitness goals. Combine yoga and strength training exercises to create your own personalized routine, or select one of a variety of mini routines tailored to address specific fitness needs. Use the included Wii Balance Board to perform 15 new and exciting activities that will have you leaping from moving platforms, hitting golf balls and more. You can even track your stats and those for members of your household by monitoring your calories burned, your BMI and other figures, as well as the weight of your baby or family pet. Plus, with the new multiplayer mode, you can team up with a fitness buddy to enjoy the fun and benefits of a Wii Fit Plus workout together.

As with the original Wii Fit release, Wii Fit Plus is designed, as its name implies, to improve the user's fitness. The game contains a large number of activities that fall into a variety of categories, including: yoga, aerobics, strength training and balance games. With all but a few exceptions, which utilize variations on a standard Wii Remote configuration, all activities utilize the Wii Balance Board (included with this bundle), either alone or configured with either a Wii Remote alone or the Wii Remote and nunchuck. The Balance Board, like any other Wii controller acts as a motion/pressure sensing device wirelessly synched to your Wii and replicating your body's movements. Each controller employed occupies one of the Wii's four wireless inputs, together mapping the reference points needed to recreate most full body motions on screen. Although this limits the majority of the activities to a single player orientation, various activities throughout the game support up to eight players in alternating play.

To use Wii Fit Plus players import their Miis from their Wii system, set up profiles, establish a current physical baseline, set fitness goals, and embark on a routine to reach them. Wii Fit Plus tracks your usage, weight and progress towards your goal over time, giving you a status report as you start each session. At any time players can choose whatever activity they want, whether exercise or balance game, and as they progress in these they will level up in each, gaining points, setting high scores and unlocking more activities.

Personalization Option Via 'The Locker Room'
The original Wii Fit was designed to have something for everyone. Now Wii Fit Plus raises the bar by providing users with personalization options that allow them to find/create a specific workout routine that is exactly right for them, their family and their lifestyle. One example of this is "The Locker Room." Easily accessible throughout the game, here players can choose from a number customizable options that allow them to maximize their time with Wii Fit Plus without having to navigate through the game menu while in the middle of a workout. In essence this allows players to become their own personal trainer. Customization options available within The Locker Room include: preprogrammed and timed Wii Fit Plus Routines; My Routine, where you choose your own set of activities, optimizing their length and area of the body to be focused on; and Favorites, a notation of activities you frequent, which provides fast access to exercises you enjoy doing the most.

Addition Yoga and Strength Exercises
Designed as an addition to the already substantial list of focused, physical exercises available in Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus contains six new and challenging strength and yoga activities. But continuing with the game's commitment to personalization, the key to these additions is not in their volume, but in how the player chooses to mix and match them. Do them in the order they are presented, or combine them in whatever order you want. The choice is yours. The player even has the ability to repeat the ones that he/she prefers, maximizing attention and effort where it is needed most. In addition, for those to whom time is a commodity, you can now omit unnecessary interludes between exercises, making for a continuous, timesaving routine.

A Wealth of New Balance Games
Regardless of the considerable fitness factor packed into Wii Fit Plus, the Nintendo brand is and will always be all about having fun. With that in mind Wii Fit Plus also comes packed with 15 new, entertaining balance games suitable for every member of the family. Just a few of those that players can expect to see are: Juggling; Skateboarding; Snowball Fight; Obstacle Course, a log-leaping, cannonball-evading event reminiscent of what Nintendo icon Mario must go through; and Perfect 10, a balance game designed to promote a combination of physical and mental health. In this final example the player's Mii is situated between multiple color-coated balls, each showing specific numbers, with the goal to swing your hips, hula style, in different directions to tap out a total of ten as many times as possible before time runs out.

Key Features:

  • Select a workout to help you reach your personal fitness goals while having fun
  • Create a personalized fitness routine in the My Routine feature by choosing any combination of yoga and strength training exercises
  • Select from a variety of customized Wii Fit Plus Routines to match your fitness needs
  • See your calories burned after each workout, your BMI, your Wii Fit Age and your daily progress so you can track your performance
  • Enjoy 15 exciting new activities, including the Obstacle Course, where you'll leap from moving platforms; Bird's-eye Bull's-eye, in which you'll flap your wings and land on targets; and the Driving Range, where you can hit golf balls
  • Work out with family and friends in a new multiplayer mode that lets you share the fun and rewards of getting fit
  • Monitor the weight of your baby or family pet in new Baby Stats and Pet Stats modes
  • Integrate the included Wii Balance Board into your routine for interactive fitness fun

Wii Fit Balance Board Mat
Keep your Wii Fit Balance Board where it belongs while adding a layer of comfort to your conditioning regimen with the Nintendo Wii Balance Board Mat. Constructed of three durable layers of PVC material, the Nintendo Wii Balance Board Mat features a textured surface for improved traction. The Balance Board Mat also reduces impact and lessens the strain placed on your muscles and joints during workout sessions.


  • Constructed of three durable layers of PVC material
  • Textured surface provides improved traction
  • Reduces impact and lessens strain placed on muscles and joints

Wii Fit Balance Board Protective Sleeve
Protect your Wii Balance Board from the wear and tear of every day use with the Wii Fit Protective Sleeve. Made of soft silicone material, the silicone acts as an absorbent to lessen the impact of steps taken on the Balance Board, which is sure to happen with active game playing. The silicone material also increase traction on the Balance Board so that you will not slip off from the Balance Board easily.
The Wii Fit Protective sleeve has cut-out openings in areas that correspond with the bottom of the Balance Board and front switch/ LED indicator, allowing easy accessibility. This is a must item for preserving your Wii Balance Board in mint condition as it was when first purchased, this silicone sleeve is a must have for every Wii Balance Board owner.


  • Elastic mold for perfect fit
  • Soft Silicone Material acts as an absorbent to lessen the impact of steps taken
  • Soft Silicon Material provides Anti-slip coating
  • Cutouts for easy access to switch/LED Indicator
  • Protects the Wii Balance Board from wear and tear of every day use