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Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Game for Wii + 2 x Xtreme 2 Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii
Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Game for Wii + 2 x Xtreme 2 Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii
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Guitar Hero World Tour

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Guitar Hero® World Tour transforms music gaming by expanding Guitar Hero's signature guitar gameplay into a cooperative band experience that combines the most advanced wireless controllers with new revolutionary online and offline gameplay modes including Band Career and 8-player "Battle of the Bands," which allows two full bands to compete head-to-head online for the first time ever. The game features a slick newly redesigned guitar controller, drum kit controller and a microphone, as well as an innovative Music Studio music creator that lets players compose, record, edit and share their own rock 'n' roll anthems. Music creators will also be able to share their recordings with their friends online through GHTunes(SM) where other gamers can download and play an endless supply of unique creations.

Guitar Hero World Tour

• Mii Freestyle - Use your Mii to rock out in the Wii exclusive Freestyle mode. Create Blues, Rock or Metal masterpieces by yourself, or join with friends to jam freely together on guitar controllers and drum kit controller!
• Downloadable Content - Download new tracks through the in-game Music Store. You’ll never run out of songs to play!

All NEW Instruments (not included)
State of the art WIRELESS guitar controller with the new neck slider and authentic drum kit controller, with wired microphone deliver the most authentic band experience.

Innovative Music Studio
Compose, record, edit, and share your own music online. Download and play community-created content for free!

Battle of the Bands Mode
Rock out solo, with a band or kick it up with 4 vs. 4 Battle of the Bands play.

Create your own rocker, choose from your favorite Guitar Hero® icons or take the stage as the biggest rock stars around.

The Rock and Roll Experience
Enjoy a massive soundtrack, all master tracks, and no covers!

Gameplay Modes:
• Players 1-4 (online multiplayer 2-8)
• Co-op 2-4 (online co-op 2-4)
• 1-2 Guitar Controllers, Drum Kit Controller and Microphone
• Content download

Xtreme 2 Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii

Rock out as hard as you want with the Xtreme 2 Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii. Designed and engineered for the Nintendo Wii platform, the Xtreme 2 Wireless Guitar Controller features Wii remote port for easy cordless play. Manufactured for the ultimate guitar hero experience, the Xtreme 2 is outfitted with a high quality precision built bi-directional strum bar, a fine-tuned, highly responsive chrome whammy bar, so that you can rock for hours, and the directional joystick lets you navigate menu screens with ease. The Xtreme 2 works for Guitar Hero and some Rock Band games for the Nintendo Wii.


  • Fully compatible with Guitar Hero games, Rock Band 2, Lego Rock Band, Rock Band: The Beatles, Rock Band: Green Day for Nintendo Wii
  • Not compatible with Rock Band 1 game for Nintendo Wii
  • Conveniently connects to and holds the Wii Remote
  • No additional batteries required, guitar powered by the Wii Remote
  • Directional joystick lets you navigate menu screens with ease
  • Highly responsive chrome whammy bar
  • Precision built Bi-directional strum bar
  • Responsive and durable fret buttons