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DDR Tournament Metal Dance Pads
dance dance revolution tournament pad
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DDRGAME.COM was the pioneer designer of the Metal Arcade Dance pads. Since so many companies recently used our designs of Metal pad V3.0 and Arcade Metal Pad V2.0. Their mass production leads to poor quality and ruins the reputation of our original designs. Therefore, DDRGAME.COM profoundly came up with a new and improved design for our hardcore Dance Dance Revolution players.

Today, we are proud to present the latest generation DDR Metal Tournament Pad and DDR Arcade Metal Champion Pad.

These two new models feature the super heavy duty one piece steel frame surface and Hammer-Proof thick Poly Carbonated Button Arrows. As the result of our lab test, these pads can hold more than 500LB (the average of other metal pad on the market can just handle 300LB). More importantly, these new pad has enhanced the Punctuated Weight into the design. What is Punctuated Weight? After years of experience in designing of DDR pads, we have realized a DDR player's weight 300LB in a stand still position. But when he is playing and stomps on the button arrows, the weight actually adds up higher because of the heavy stompings. The penetrated energy can easily shatter the button arrows. After numerous tested, we have to use the best quality of the Poly Carbonated material. The thickness of the Button Arrows is almost double compare to the other metal pads on the market. As the result, we even use a hammer to slam on the Button Arrow and it just left a minor scratch on the surface. We are proud to say that they are the highest quality metal dance pads on this planet.

The all new models also feature the new super sensitive wiring technology. The advanced wiring system provides the maximum sensitivity to ensure accurate scores no more delay.

As the finishing look of the new models, we try to keep the same color design as the previous version since that is really close to the real arcade machine look. Click Here for More Features:



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